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Bigg Boss 13 Nov 06

Bigg Boss 13 Nov 06 2019 Full Movie Download


00hrs 52mins

Release date: 06 NOV, 2019

Language: Hindi

Category: Bigg Boss Season 13

Episode No: 27

Genre: Reality TV,

Start Cast: Salman Khan,Arti Singh,Shehnaz Kaur,

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About Movie

Day 38 The BB Transport task brings about the season s biggest shocker when Mahira Sharma is hurt due to Sidharth Shukla s overly aggressive behavior As a furious Mahira demands justice from Bigg Boss she warns Sidharth Shukla that she will not let the matter pass Also watch Shehnaz Kaur s cute and heartfelt attempt at reconciliation with Sidharth Shukla as Bigg Boss comes up with a shocking punishment for the latter s action